On Sunday, June 3rd, Porsche opened its 42nd dealership in China, located in Beijing.

Porsche has previously declared that it plans to open 100 dealerships in China by 2015. In 2011 Poersche entered Beijing, and now the city is the auto maker’s largest market in China, with sales of over 5 billion yuan ($790.06m) annually. The recently opened 4S dealership, originally sold Acuras, and is now Porsche’s 4thin Beijing and the largest among all.

The dealership offers a 2,000-square-meter display room and will be under the supervision of Beijing Chang An Porsche Centre General Manager Feng Songyi.

“We will continue to uphold… Porsche’s tradition of excellence,” Mr. Feng stated at the dealership’s opening ceremony.

Jebsen Group is the one operating the 4S dealership, which also owns 2 other dealerships in Beijing and 8 in China. The dealerships located in Haidian and Yizhuang Districts are operated by BetterLife Group, which also has an outlet in Tianjin.

“The passion owners and auto enthusiasts in Beijing have for the Porsche label is very moving,” Feng Ge, manager of Porsche China’s sales network and development director, said.


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