Porsche opens expanded Leipzig plant image

As the German automaker prepares to meet demand for its latest SUV model, the Macan, the production site in Leipzig underwent a 500 million euro expansion.

The facility, which had its official opening yesterday, was from the start designed to meet special environmental criteria, and with the extension for Macan production now includes a new body shop and an ultra-modern paint shop.

During the opening ceremony Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG stated, “The fact that Porsche has invested half a billion euro in the Leipzig plant in addition to the original 250 million euro, thus creating 1,500 new jobs, makes one thing clear: we are totally convinced in the qualities of this location and that the Macan will be a marketing success.”

Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel emphasised the significance of the choice of location. He said, “The new Porsche plant in Leipzig shows that the industry has a future in Germany and Europe. This is important because the industry is the backbone of our economy. Cars are shipped from Leipzig all over the world. Our automotive industry is a global leader, in particular in the luxury car segment. That must remain so. The key to this is innovation. We must continue to build the most modern, safest and most environmentally friendly cars. In the long term, this will create and safeguard sustainable jobs.”

With the new Macan model, Porsche expects its SUV sales to grow even faster, ultimately allowing the company to reach a sales goal of 200,000 units in 2015, three years earlier than originally planned.