The premium maker of the iconic 911 sports car said it just inaugurated its new V8 engine plant at the company’s main production site in Stuttgart.

Porsche has a 40-year long history of using V8 engines in its sports cars, but the demand is now higher than ever for its high-margins performance models, pushing the company’s profits to new record levels. Back in 2014, the automaker decided to expand its core production site in Stuttgart and broke grounds on a new 80-million-euros facility (88.4 million dollars) to exclusively build more eight-cylinder engines. The lines are now open for business and they have a full output rate of around 200 units daily, engines that will first be used to power the newly launched second generation Panamera. The Turbo version of four-dour luxury super sedan will initially have the most powerful V8 petrol of the new engine generation, a new biturbo 4.0-litre that pushes 542 hp and also comes with a new adaptive cylinder control system that deactivates four cylinders under light load.

Porsche said it has invested more than 300 million euros so far in its main manufacturing site in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. In addition to the new engine plant, previously a wiring facility, the company is planning to retrofit what was once a transmission production plant into central workshops. A new training center for the youngest Porsche employees has been built on land that was previously a street car depot.

Furthermore, there are more than 700 million euros to be invested in the coming years, as Porsche is preparing to bring the production version of the electric Mission E concept. Therefore, the engine plant will be expanded to produce electric drives as well.


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