Porsche Panamera by A. Kahn revealed image

The latest creation coming from the British tuning house, A. Kahn, is based on the Porsche Panamera, which is now coming with a wide body kit and some interesting extra features.

According to the aftermarket specialists at A. Kahn design, previously known as Project Kahn, the Porsche Panamera is now coming with red painted brake calipers, matte tinted windows, a new stainless steel exhaust system, a new suspension which has lowered the ride height, and some new 22 inch alloy wheels, named RS600. Besides these modifications, the cabin hasn’t been left aside by Afzal Kahn, and the seats have now been covered in Alcantara red leather, the same shade as the gauges.

Even if Afzal Kahn is mostly known for modifying large crossovers, this upgraded Porsche Panamera might become successful, considering the fact that it’s more attractive than the standard version. The aftermarket specialists at A Kahn design didn’t release any specifications on the Porsche Panamera’s engine so the performance might be the same. Afzal Kahn, the owner of A Kahn design, has announced that the starting price of the Porsche Panamera, which can be seen in the images below, can be bought for 86.875 GBP, but the upgrade kit can also be ordered separately, and fitted onto a standard Panamera.