Porsche Panamera by Hamann Motorsport image

The German aftermarket specialists at Hamann Motorsport have decided to upgrade the luxurious Porsche Panamera and transform it into an aggressive machine thanks to the new body kit and a power boost.

After debuting at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Porsche Panamera is once again stepping into the spotlights this time thanks to Hamann, after the German tuner fitted it with a new body kit and giving it a power boost. According to Hamann, the Porsche’s fenders have been widened by 2.4 inches so the new 22 inch alloy wheels could fit. The tuner applied a new hood and a front fascia with giant air inlets set to reduce aerodynamic lift and improve engine cooling. New side skirts, a massive rear wing and a large rear diffuser have also been fitted to help improve the luxurious Panamera’s aerodynamic properties and visual appeal.

Besides the visual upgrade, the Porsche Panamera now has lowering springs which drop the vehicle’s height by 1.2 inches and thanks to the new exhaust system and remapped ECU, the engine is now developing 80 horsepower and 89 lb-ft of torque more than the standard model. Leather upholstery, Hamann aluminum pedals, Alcantara and other things have been introduced to the interior to turn it into a Five-Star VIP Lounge.