Porsche Panamera refined by Project Kahn image

I think is clear that Porsche makes supreme vehicles with quality, craftsmanship and durability.

Anyway, Project Kahn, a luxury car conversion company, reflect their unique European style with old-world craftmanship on to every vehicle conversion that they take up, and just like their previous vehicle moddings the latest Porsche Panamera (top speed 189 mph) conversion is impressive.
The exterior upgrades include modified rear bumper, a set of new exhaust tailpipes, which are rather ugly according to out opinion.


Kahn Panamera stands on a new set of huge rims that use a multi-spoke design. The rear bumper has been modified also, receiving a new rear section.
Being that Project Kahn doesn’t usually mess with the engine, so Kahn Panamera has a total output of 500Hp ( original)