If the Porsche Panamera seems to be a very dull and expensive luxury vehicle in your opinion than you must do something about it that will increase its price and in times when gold seems to be the best investment, what other place to keep it than inside the car.

This is what a man did and even if the gold he used is not actually an investment and he doesn’t keep it in the trunk of his Panamera, the luxurious vehicle just became unique with the precious metal being inserted in all kind of things in the cabin, coming in a perfect contrast with the alligator leather.

If scientists are working with alligator fat and converting it into biofuel, “businessmen” are also working with the same creatures but they are only using the leather. What came up? Well just watch the photo gallery below and you will most likely be impressed.

“Save the trees, eat animals” is definitely the Panamera’s owner favorite saying and even if you think the four-door Porsche is owned by a sheik or something, well it’s not. It’s owned by a Russian.

You can watch the photo gallery below. Enjoy! Or not!


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