The German based automaker Porsche is planning to build its own private track, near Shanghai, China, in order for its customers to push the limits of their loved cars.

According to the guys over at, the manufacturer might build a track near Shanghai, because Porsche drivers can’t push the limits in their vehicles due to the imposed top speed of 120 km/h for passenger cars. So with that limit being easily reached by Porsche, the automaker is planning to open a private race course, which will actually be similar to the company’s own testing track in Leipzig, an F1 track that didn’t host an F1 race ever since 2002, currently serving as a Porsche internal testing track.

Porsche will bring the “German feel” to China by opening a new track near Shanghai, and since the Asian country has become the company’s second biggest market, after the United States, the automaker is “giving back” something to the community. The best sold Porsche model in China is currently the Cayenne SUV, but this is closely followed by the Panamera. Sales of two-seater sports cars are quite low, but even so, the manufacturer managed to sell 24.340 new cars in China in 2011 alone.


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