The German luxury sports carmaker has moved to issue a recall notice for some of its 918 hybrid supercar units – 46 of them – because its rear-axle components could have some defective components.

The recall on the just released 918 plug-in hybrid supercar is not good news for the company, as this is the brand’s flagship and most expensive model, but the problems could be placed on the “freshness” of the car – just released a few months ago.

The limited series supercar – just 918 units of the 918 Spyder will be sold, with Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller confirming that no matter the demand the company will not produce additional units: “We won’t sell a single additional model,” Mueller commented back in June.

The recall has already been completed in July – meaning the clients were noticed of the potential flaw – and the issue was found by Porsche engineers while performing scheduled quality checks and only affected the 46 cars.

“All customers were contacted individually by their responsible sales organization,” Porsche said, responding to inquiries on the matter from Bloomberg.

If you need a reminder, the $845,000 plug-in hybrid supercar was finally officially unveiled last year during the Frankfurt Motor Show, with first deliveries to eager customers – among them renowned Porsche aficionado Jerry Seinfeld – taking place this March.

Via Automotive News Europe


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