Porsche recalls 1,702 units of 911 (2010-11) – Says wheels can loosen image

It seems that the automakers are not satisfied with their make and now after realizing the problem that could be fatal and that time had already slipped on to public, automakers are calling back the vehicles they produced.

Besides Mazda who had recalled 494,500 units of Mazda3, even Porsche has made an attempt to recall for clearing up the defects. A perfect car for all that has ruled for long has been recalled by Porsche.

It is Porsche 911 with 1,702 units that have been recalled home since Porsche believes that their wheels can loosen. The car is equipped with racestyle center-locking wheel-retention system that helps lowering down the weight as well as wheel flex of the car.

The variants that are included in the recall of 1,702 units are 911 GT2 RS, the GT3 and GT3 RS, the 911 Turbo and Turbo S. These cars are recalled since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had come to a conclusion that the wheels of these cars could loosen.

The NHTSA while stating the summary of the problem had announced that over time, the center-locking hubs can wear prematurely. They also added that as the hubs wear, the wheels could loosen, mounting the risk of a crash.

Following that, Porsche had also confirmed and proclaimed that there is a small possibility, but is only most likely with the racecars. An example has also been set in August 2010, when the center wheel hubs of the three 911 Carrera GT3s failed during the semi-professional racing conditions. However, Porsche had also announced that no such cases have been reported during public road use.

Those who own Porsche 911 with center-locking wheel retention system can contact the company at 1-800-767-7243 for more information.