Porsche Sales Up 21% in April image

Porsche reported sales up 21% in April to 15, 200 units, compared with the same period last month.

Porsche sold 15,200 vehicles in April, up 21% and 52,241 vehicles during the first four months of the year, up 21.1% compared with the same period last year. The automaker sold 5,351 vehicles in the Africa, Asia-Pacific and Middles East regions, up 34.5%, compared with 3,978 units sold in the same regions in April 2012.

Sales in the US were up 17.3% to 4,032 vehicles and in China deliveries increased 27.8% to 2,988 units from 2,338 units last year. The Cayenne was Porsche’s best-selling vehicle for the month with 7,536 units delivered globally.

“Nevertheless we are monitoring the market fluctuations very closely and continue to proceed cautiously,” said Porsche Sales and Marketing executive board member Bernhard Maier.

VW said that the addition of Porsche helped the brand offset the fall in operating profit during the first quarter, caused by the recession in Europe. Porsche, which has been merged with VW in August, accounted for 24% of the automaker’s earnings.

“We expect that the Volkswagen group will outperform the market as a whole in a challenging environment,” VW said.

Source: Automobile Distribution