Porsche sees China rising as brand’s largest market image

The German automaker sees China replacing as early as this year the United States as Porsche’s biggest single market, thanks to surging demand for the brand’s premium large SUV – the Cayenne.

So far, Porsche reported sales in September were greater in China than in the US, but the latter market still holds a 3,000 units advantage from the deliveries accounted in the first eight months.

“The U.S. performed very well this year, after a great year in 2013, but China is growing fast, thanks to the Cayenne which is our best seller there,” comments Porsche’s sales and marketing chief, Bernhard Maier. “It is still an open head-to-head race,” he added.

During the first nine months of the year, sales across the US market rose 12% to 35,366 units – China during the same period jumped deliveries 19%, but that was not enough to take the lead yet – reaching a total of 32,592 cars and SUVs. China sales in September spectacularly increased by 54% to 4,344 autos while the US deliveries also saw a good growth – 17% to 3,607 vehicles.

Worldwide sales last month surged 22% to 15,828 units and the tally for the first nine months stands at 135, 652 – with an overall rise of 13%. The best selling model worldwide, as always, was the Cayenne SUV, with nine month deliveries of around 51,000 units.

Via Automotive News Europe