Porsche stops 911 GT3 deliveries image

The German premium sports maker announced in a statement that it decided to stop deliveries of its most expensive version of the new 911 after reports that two cars caught fire.

A company spokesperson confirmed a report from German newswire dpa and said that the company’s engineers are now examining the wrecks of the vehicles that caught fire in Switzerland and Italy, trying to determine the exact cause.

With a start price of 137,000 euros (112,240.63 sterling pounds), the GT3 version was delivered to 322 customers this year and the spokesman added that the company officials expect to reach final conclusions on the investigation this week.

According to Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller, the Volkswagen-owned premium carmaker would reach its official target of sales of 200,000 units in 2015, three years earlier than the initial 2018 date – with the bulk of sales going to the Cayenne and Macan SUVs.

Via Reuters