Porsche to build baby Panamera – Pajun image

Looks like there are a lot of changes at Porsche. The automaker tries to create a full-line of luxury cars until 2016.

According to some sources of Auto Bild , Porsche plans to make in 2016 a compact version of the Panamera. The internal code name for this model is Pajun, which stands for Junior Panamera.

Porsche Pajun will be equipped with gasoline engines ranging from 400 to 560 hp and a diesel unit that will provide around 300 horsepower. Next to the 4 door little coup, a convertible will also be available.

The new little Panamera will compete most probably with premium models from BMW – the 5 series, Mercedes E Class Coupe and A6 from Audi.

Price: from 60,000 eur.

Until then, Porsche’s Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory in planning to begin production of the 918 Spyder hybrid in September 2013-and will produce no more than 918 (get the pun).