Porsche to develop 5 new models over the following years image

Porsche is planning to develop five new models over the following years, including a rival for Ferrari, for BMW 5-Series competitor and a small roadster.

Volkswagen is controlling Porsche these days and this is reflecting in the company’s evolution over the years and after becoming known with its vintage sports cars that managed to keep the same shape for a lot of generations, the German based automaker is apparently trying to get on new segments of the market. The Porsche Cayenne was the first SUV made by the company but now the automaker is planning to develop another one, the Macan, which will slide just below the luxury mid-size crossover.

Besides rivaling models like the BMW X3, Porsche is also planning a direct competitor to Ferrari, with two seats a mid-engine and more than 600 horsepower. A smaller version of the Panamera sedan, which is known internally as the Pajun, is also in the works. Porsche is also planning to launch the 918 Spyder in September 2013, which will come as a plug-in hybrid with a 4.6 liter V8 engine and two electric motors, producing 770 HP and burning just 3 liters of fuel every 100 km. A small roadster, codenamed the Project 551 is also in the works and many of these models will hit the market by 2016 or 2017.

Source: Automotive News Europe