Porsche to direct more Macan SUVs towards the US image

Buoyed by increased demand from US customers, the German sports carmaker has pledged to increase deliveries of the Macan SUV this year directed towards American dealers.

The automaker made the promise after Joe Lawrence, chief operating officer of Porsche Cars North America and other company officials had a meeting with US dealers: “We’re certainly pushing because it’s been a big success, ” commented Lawrence. The executive also acknowledged that customers have to wait longer than usual to get their brand new Macan SUV – which is a testament to the model’s success and a headache for the company, which could lose buyers if they become disgruntled. The new crossover, which is smaller than its top-selling Cayenne brethren, was launched on the US market last May and since then the waiting list span six or more months – with dealers eagerly awaiting increased shipments of the model this year. The company will also expand the lineup, offering a diesel-powered version towards the end of the year.

Lawrence refrained from discussing specific allocation numbers of the model towards the US dealerships, though the company managed to deliver through the seven months it was on sale in 2014 a total of 7,241 Macans. The official also pointed out that Porsche’s plant in Leipzig, Germany is already constrained and demand has been equally strong elsewhere around the globe. With a full year of Macan sales in sight, Porsche in 2015 is forecasted to exceed its internal goal of delivering more than 50,000 units in the US alone – a full three years later than it was originally estimated. Last year, while the overall market climbed 6 percent to a total of 16.5 million vehicles, Porsche managed to increase sales by 11% to a tally of 47,007 units.

Via Automotive News Europe