Porsche to Expand Dealership Network to 1,000 Outlets by 2018 image

Porsche plans to expand with 33% its sales network by 2018, due to increase for upscale vehicles in China and other emerging markets.

Porsche announced it will invest 200 million euro ($260 million) per year to boost its dealerships to 1, 000 outlets by 2018 from the current 750, according to CEO Matthias Mueller. In 2012 the automaker also introduced the revamped versions of the Cayman sports car and the Boxster roadster, making them faster and lighter to seal its reputation for performance. In 2014 Porsche will roll out the assembly line the compact Macan SUV.

“Our international dealership network is being expanded at a high pace,” Mueller said in a speech at the carmaker’s museum. “In China alone, there’s a new Porsche Center opening almost every month, and the country will account for about 10 percent of dealerships by 2018 under the growth strategy.”

This dealership expansion is part of Porsche’s plan to increase annual sales to 200,000 units by 2018, the same year VW plans to become the world’s biggest automaker. In 2012 the German automaker sold a record 143,096 vehicles, up 22% and in February its global sales increased 18% to 10,454 vehicles.