Porsche to focus on hybrid cars after unveiling 918 Spyder image

The German based automaker Porsche is planning to focus on hybrid technologies more, after the company will pull the wraps off the brand new 918 Spyder supercar.

Porsche will go green over the following years and this isn’t too hard considering the fact that the supercar segment now has two hybrid vehicles which can become posters for the bedroom door of any kid out there, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. Porsche will also unveil its own rival for the two supercars mentioned above, which will be named the 918 Spyder, and it will come, of course, with a hybrid powertrain.

But the most important part here is that after the Porsche 918 Spyder will be unveiled, the company will continue to focus on developing hybrid technologies for its lineup. In a recent interview with Automotive News, the company’s head of research and development, Wolfgang Hatz, has said that the hybrid propulsion systems are very important for the company. Hatz also said that we won’t get to see a full electric vehicle, with the Porsche logos on its body, over the following years. Whether or not the carmaker will release hybrid versions of its iconic car, the 911, remains to be seen.

Source: Automotive News