Porsche has announced the plan to release a long wheelbase of the 2012 Panamera model.

According to the car manufacturer, the 2012 Panamera’s wheelbase will be stretched by nearly six inches in order to provide more rear-seat leg room.

Even though the LWB Panamera appeared as a rumor, the German car manufacturer will release the longer model in early 2012.

Not much is known about the 2012 Panamera’s engine range but it is expected to keep the same units as the current version.

Porsche has big plans and the 2012 LWB Panamera will be facelifted one year later when new engines might be available for the big four-door model.

A “baby Panamera” is also expected in the Porsche range and, according to Germany’s Auto Bild, it will be unveiled sometimes in 2015 – 2016.

A successor of the 928, a four-passenger coupe derivative, is also rumored to hit the Porsche production line.


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