In order to maximize profits and cut down manufacturing costs, auto makers often share their platform with other manufacturers.

Volkswagen currently holds majority stakes in Porsche Company and this comes as no surprise that now Volkswagen models will share platform with Porsche.

Volkswagen now holds 49.9 percent stakes in Porsche from earlier 42 percent share, and they are looking for synergies to make use of this.

Michael Macht, Porsche’s boss, stated that Porsche platforms, including the 911, “could be made available to other VW brands”. Porsche will share its 911 and Panamera platform with Volkswagen brands and will use VW engines only in Cayenne V6 model.

Currently Cayenne platform is already shared with VW to manufacture Touareg. The 2010 Cayenne platform ( Volkswagen Group PL71 platform ) is set to be phased out from its model cycle by 2017 but before that it can definitely yield benefits to the Volkswagen brands.

Porsche is also working on electric cars but its current technology does not match the brand value and the core values of German technology and performance.

Porsche may use Audi’s e-Tron concept and technology to power its electric cars to deliver the performance that is currently associated with Porsche cars.


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