Porsche to stop weekend production at the Zuffenhausen plant from 2013 image

Porsche will stop making two-seater sports cars during the weekends at its Zuffenhausen plant from 2013.

The carmaker is blaming Europe’s deepening debt crisis, which is affecting demand for luxury vehicles, according to company sources quoted by Reuters.

As a result, Porsche will limit the working week to five days at its main plant in Zuffenhausen from January 2013. Porsche has been running eight extra shifts on Saturdays since September to clear orders for the redesigned 911 model, the unnamed sources said.

According to research firm IHS Automotive, the number of Porsche 911, Boxster and Cayman vehicles assembled in Zuffenhausen and destined for European markets will drop 10.7 percent next year to 14,543 cars.

Porsche is also considering reducing the regular eight-hour shift in Zuffenhausen by one hour from January, one source said. The VW-owned carmaker now runs two shifts per day at the plant which builds approximately 170 vehicles a day.

A Porsche spokesman said its production system is designed for extremely flexible operation, allowing the carmaker to reduce or increase output depending on market demand.

As for Porsche’s plant in Leipzig, which builds the Cayenne SUV, there are no plans for reducing production. On the contrary, demand for the SUV has allowed Porsche to extend a newly introduced third shift by another six months. The Leipzig plant builds about 480 cars each day.