The very successful luxury sports car manufacturer, managed to jump from building only its iconic 911 sports car to a five-model line-up in just a few years. Now, the automaker seeks to consolidate the formers’ production at its main facility in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart.

Around two decades ago it was seen as a doomed small series producer, but Porsche expanded around its 911-core model to encompass today the Boxster/Cayman, Panamera, Macan and Cayenne models, becoming  a more mainstream luxury automaker. And let’s not forget about its current top of the line, small series, 918 Spyder hybrid supercar.

“All two-door Porsche models will come from Zuffenhausen in the future,” Uwe Hueck, the head of Porsche’s works council, announced in a statement.

Its core Zuffenhausen factory currently builds the 911 and 918 and Porsche plans to further invest in the facility another 400 million euros ($546 million) to begin the production of the Boxster and Cayman models.

The Volkswagen AG brand also decided to use its parents’ factory in Osnabrueck, northern Germany to produce the Cayenne SUV – its best-selling model. The Osnabrueck, which currently handles overflow production of the Boxster and Cayman (and will continue to do so until 2016), should start making 20,000 Cayennes per year to relieve pressure on Porsche’s Leipzig plant – the main assembly unit for the big SUV.

Via Automotive News Europe


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