Porsche tuners SpeedART and 9ff have recently filed for insolvency protection in Germany.

As the auto market in Europe continues to struggle with the economic crisis and continuous decline, more and more companies found it difficult to survive. Earlier this month Porsche’s tuners SpeedART and 9ff joined Artega, Wiesmann, Gumpert and Melkus, among the companies which have fallen.

Although there are not many tuner companies left, 9ff and SpeedART were not the one to end the list. All these companies have fled for insolvency over the past 18 months. SpeedART is known for the Cayenne-based Titan BTR 550, while 9ff for the heavily modified Porsche 911, the 257-mph GT9-R supercar.

SpeedART made the bankruptcy announcement public on its website and blamed increasing expenses from Porsche’s lawsuit on the company. 9ff has made no official announcement.

“It is with heavy hearts that we regret to inform the Porsche tuning community that speedART has had to declare bankruptcy due to mounting legal fees from an intense battle with Porsche. Due to some unfortunate circumstances in the past, Porsche has been moving forth with an aggressive lawsuit against Porsche tuning companies, such as speedART and others.”

Source: carscoops.com


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