Porsche still does not plan to manufacture vehicles in China.

Porsche chief financial officer Lutz Meschke said that the automaker will manufacture its vehicles in Gemany, but will increase the number of dealerships in China from 50 to around 100 in the following three years.

Last month Porsche opened its 42nd dealership in China, located in Beijing. In 2011 Porsche entered Beijing, and now the city is the auto maker’s largest market in China. The recently opened 4S dealership, originally sold Acura vehicles, and is now the automaker’s 4th in Beijing and the largest among all.

“The passion owners and auto enthusiasts in Beijing have for the Porsche label is very moving,” said Feng Ge, manager of Porsche China’s sales network and development director.

In May, Porsche’s global sales reached 15,020 new vehicles, up 13% from the same month last year. In addition, from January the Stuttgart based automaker delivered 67,261 new autos, a boost of 19% compared with the same period last year.

Sales in the US were up 40% to 3,927 units, while China increased 6% to 3,206 vehicles. In Europe, as expected the company recorded a decrease of 2.6% to 5,034 units from 5,168 units last year in May.

Source: automobilwoche.de


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