Porsche: We’re resuming Cayenne production in Leipzig image

Porsche resumed production at its assembly plant in Leipzig, Germany, shortly after the automaker announced that production has been stopped after floods in the region disrupted supplies.

The German automaker builds the Cayenne SUV and Panamera sedan for global markets, including the United States and China.

“We’re starting today with one shift,” Siegfried Buelow, head of the plant, said a statement. “The supply situation however remains critical.”

The company will decide day-by-day how many vehicles can be produced.

The Leipzig plant in the state of Saxony, Germany, normally produces 450 Cayenne and Panamera vehicles every day with a total of three shifts.

At this movement, Germany has over 60,000 local emergency personnel and over 20,000 federal disaster responders and 16,000 soldiers that are fighting the floods.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged $130m in emergency aid for flood-ravaged areas of Germany on Tuesday, as the swelling waters forced thousands of people from their homes.