Porsche has announced that its workers have come to a concession which will save the company hundreds of millions of Euros in order to produce an all-electric sports car at the automaker’s largest factory.

The German supercar maker has said earlier in December that it would invest around $1.10 billion at its plant in Zuffenhausen, which will lead to over 1,000 new jobs, all related to producing the battery-powered “Mission E” Porsche model. A source from Porsche explained that wage costs for the 13,000 workers at the Zuffenhausen plant exceeded those from Porsche’s plant in Leipzig and from Porsche’s owner, Volkswagen’s Osnabrueck assembly.

A spokesman for Porsche said on Tuesday that “Employer and employees have jointly drawn up measures that have led to the decision of producing the Mission E model at Zuffenhausen,” confirming a report from the German magazine Automobilwoche.
The measures that would reduce salaries agreed between the workers from Zuffenhausen and Porsche management will raise the workweek from 34 to 35 hours and certain parts from payment increase will be cut between 2016 and 2025, which stands for a massive 9 years of workload.

Porsche refused to comment on any details of the soon to be implemented measures and the carmaker’s works council did not comment on the topic.

The German’s marque’s first complete electric car was introduced to the fans at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year. The Porsche Mission E generates more than 600 HP with help from two magnet synchronous motors and can reach 62 mph in under 3.5 seconds.


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