Porsche’s Macan SUV and 918 Spyder Hybrid Hit China in 2014 image

Porsche announced that from 2014 it will sell the Macan compact SUV and a $2.2 million supercar in China.

Porsche plans to reach the success of the Cayenne SUV in China, which is the company’s best seller in the country, with the Macan too, a model which will reach the market in the second half of 2014. Helmut Broeker, head of China operations, said that the automaker also aims at doubling the number of Chinese dealerships from 49 to 95 by 2014.

“The Macan will have a significant volume impact,” said Broeker, who was attending a dealership opening in the eastern China city of Nantong. “I’m very confident that when this car has been fully launched in the full year, China will be the number one market.”

As Porsche plans to make China its biggest market by 2014, it strongly relies on its new products. As demand for SUVs continues to surge in China at the fastest pace among all segments, Porsche’s Cayenne has benefited from this growth accounting for 65% of the automaker’s sales in the country.

“The fact that they’re bringing a smaller version of the Cayenne SUV model is something that specifically in China will work quite well,” said Klaus Paur, the Shanghai-based global head of automotive coverage at research firm Ipsos.

The company is already taking preorders for its 918 Spyder hybrid supercar, which will reach its buyers in the first half of 2014. No sales figures were given for the 918 Spyder, but the company said the vehicle will cost $2.2 million in China. This year Porsche will also get on the market the Cayman and the four-door Panamera, the company’s second best-selling car in China.