Porsche’s most expensive model boosts profit image

The 918 Spyder hybrid is a worthy successor to the well-known Carrera GT, retaining its key assets – open top, all out unhindered performance, huge price and small production number. It also added the hybrid powertrain to the mix, to prove it’s a company at the very cutting edge of automotive technology.

Now, the company has announced it believes the model would be sold out by early December, with the full run of just 918 units acquitted by the eager buyers. While selling nearly 1,000 units might not seem much when automakers battle in terms of millions, we should remember that the car, which can run up to 947,716 euros in Germany (base price is 768,026 euros, but there are so many optional goodies to weigh in) has a huge earnings margin.

And Porsche actually needs these margins, as it faces rising costs from capacity upgrades and technological development. And judging the big picture, the premium sports car manufacturer is also a key player in parent Volkswagen AG’s strategy to overcome Japan’s Toyota and become the world’s largest carmaker. Porsche sales chief Bernhard Maier said that “we are close to the finish line” when it comes to the remaining 918’s, as the model was well received in North America.

Via Reuters