Porsche’s Panamera now has an optional 1455 watts Burmester 3D audio system image

The German automaker has recently decided to highlight its optional 3D surround sound Burmester stereo fitted as an option on the new generation Panamera, calling it on par with its car.

We can hear words such as ‘benchmark-setting performance’, ‘powerful and efficient’ components and ‘enhancing the emotional experience’- it’s all there. The official presentation materials for the Panamera as a whole has similar terms. For now, we can look at the paper numbers and judge them against the real world counterparts. The system has state-of-the-art Auro 3D processing, eight amplifiers for 1,455 watts and a full range of 21 speakers. This combination is good for concert hall-quality sound reproduction – also thanks to Burmester’s Air Motion Transformer technology – exclusive to the Panamera, which kicks in with clean and clear sound, even bettering the sound from the infotainments system or the smartphone.

The battery of 21 speakers includes eight woofers, three mid-rangers, two broadbands, seven tweeters, and a rear subwoofer. They put out a volume of 126 decibels, loud enough to become physically painful. And all that sound can be directed towards a single seat – a neat way to play a prank to a sleeping passenger, perhaps. In Germany the optional sound system costs €6,747 ($7,479) on the Panamera 4S and 4S Diesel, and €5,331 ($5,909) on the Panamera Turbo.