Portable head-up display unit controlled by voice & gestures image

Described as “Google Glass for your car”, Navdy is a portable head-up display unit that works in almost every vehicle, which means you don’t have to buy a car like 2015 Mazda 3 or BMW 3 Series to enjoy the latest automotive technology trend.

It simply works by mounting a special device on the dashboard and then plugging it into the onboard diagnostics port. A very small HD projector then shows information on a transparent screen that stays in the driver’s field of view.
We know head-up displays are nothing new, but Navdy is unique because it has the capacity to connect to the car owner’s smart phone app, including Google Maps and music applications like Spotify, iTunes Music and Google Play Music. Moreover, it has its own apps that can be controlled with hand gestures and voice recognition.

This new display unit also has the ability to cancel noises and wide angle gestures, while still being capable of reading out loud or displaying notifications from text messages or social media apps. The separate unit can be integrated with your car so it can show important car information such as speed, RPMS, fuel range, fuel economy statistics, tire pressure and battery voltage warnings. Navdy will be available to customers starting 2015 at the price of $499, but you can pre-order yours at a smaller price of $299. This is potentially cheaper than checking the head-up display option box for a new car. And since it’s portable, you can take Navdy with you regardless of the vehicle you’re driving.

By Gabriela Florea