Possible issues over door latches for Ford Focus image

US safety regulators are looking into complaints about problems found by some Ford Focus owners over ineffective door latches.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced they are investigating complaints that doors won’t latch properly on some Ford Focus compact cars, the regulators saying that the inquiry targets vehicles from the 2012 and 2013 model years. The issue might cover as many as 400,000 cars. There have been 73 complaints filed with the agency by owners saying they found issues with latches, including one driver reporting the side door widely opening while the car was moving. Another person suffered an injury after a door bounced back after an attempt to close it. “This is an extreme safety hazard, and it is just a matter of time until someone falls out of a moving vehicle and is killed or injured,” one person reported in the complaint filed with NHTSA. He also added that he called the automaker to inform it about the issues and was told the company knows about such failures, but it would not prompt a recall over such problems.

Ford had similar issues last year, when a total of 545,906 units of Fiesta, Fusion and MKZ models in North America were affected by the same faulty latches. In the previous recall, the automaker said “the door latch in certain vehicles may experience a broken pawl spring tab, which typically results in a condition where the door will not latch.” US safety regulators have not ordered a recall yet, but there is a high possibility for a callback after the investigation is completed.

Via The Detroit Bureau