Powerful Mini coming from CoverEFX image

The German tuning specialists from CoverEFX have decided to get some work done on the 2002 – 2006 Mini, upgrading its exterior design, boosting its power and naming it R53 ProjectOne.

Finding the right combination for an aftermarket exterior design isn’t always easy, especially when there are so many choices, from new rims to wide body kits and from aerodynamic spoilers to a minor modification. But when you are a German tuner “playing” with a “British” car the result can mean even more money.

Even though a new generation of the Mini was launched in 2007 and an even newer one is coming most likely in 2013, CoverEFX specialists have decided to work on the previous 2002 – 2006 model, upgrading it visually and boosting its power.

With a full metal coating, teflon gray metallic and electro red metallic, 17 inch black alloys, painted wheel arches and headlights covered with shiny black lacquer, CoverEFX’s Mini has an unique personality.

But the most interesting part comes from the engine, with the German tuners fitting a device which is meant to optimize the dynamic pressure, bringing the car to a total power of 240 HP. This along with the ten year warranty and the optional turbo or curved adapters which can be installed can only mean one thing: a Mini close to perfection.

The upgrades for the old Mini generation coming from CoverEFX are available for a price of 8.000 euros.