The Czech automaker has grown in the years since it was acquired by the Germans at Volkswagen, but it’s still pretty much seen as a poor man’s VW. Or not?

Today we have to show you the other facet of the coin. When you have a practical station wagon and a name like the Superb you might be content with a 1.6 TDI delivering 110 hp, right? It has lots of torque, gets you from A to B alongside with the kids and all the luggage you can find, and doesn’t break the bank while travelling. Or you might want to look at the Superb fitted with the 2.0 TSI engine that resides inside the Mk7 Golf R. Yes, that one that delivers 300 horsepower. Well, in the Skoda it has been toned down to 280 hp but at least the large combi keeps the all wheel drive arrangement. We’re talking in this case about a Haldex 5 4×4 system.

And because there’s always room for improvement and having four exhaust pipes is always pretty much “like a Ferrari” – to paraphrase a catchy statement from over the Internet – we can show you the Skoda Superb by Supersprint. Thanks to the custom exhaust job the car now delivers a bit more oomph – at 290 hp. With the standard DSG auto gearbox, the Superb will sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 6,1 seconds, but most importantly the new exhaust system allows the owner to make those spectacular – if useless – popping sounds at certain points along the rev range. The aftermarket specialist also delivers the system with a bypass valve, so the owner can get noticed or ride home inconspicuously.


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