President Obama Might Name Charlotte Mayor as Transportation Secretary image

According to a White House official, President Barack Obama might name Anthony Foxx, the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, as his next transportation secretary.

The source added that if this move is approved by the US Senate, Anthony Foxx will replace Ray LaHood, who has been transportation secretary since 2009. Choosing Foxx, who is an African-American, would help the cabinet deal with an issue for which it has been criticized, that of the lack of diversity. Barack Obama might also choose Penny Pritzker as the next commerce secretary and Michael Froman as the United States trade representative.

“Foxx’s career as a public official, in a rapidly changing urban environment, has been marked by an ability to integrate local, state and federal resources to meet important transportation challenges,” the White House official said.

If these nominations would be approved by the Senate, Mr. Obama will finally have the opportunity to fill out his second-term cabinet, almost half a year after the re-election, as this was not possible until now due to legislative battles, fiscal clashes and by painstaking vetting. Anthony Foxx, 42, has been the mayor of Charlotte for four years and said he would not seek re-election as he plans to spend more time with his family.

“I do not want to be a father who looks back and wishes I had spent more time with them,” he said in a statement on April 5th.