Priest in Colombia Sells Mercedes to Comply With Pope Francis’ Call for Simplicity image

A priest in Colombia sells his Mercedes-Benz to comply with Pope Francis’ call for simplicity and austerity.

Rev. Hernando Fayid, from Bolgota, Colombia, told reporters he is willing to sell his white Mercedes Benz E200 convertible for $63,000. He said that the vehicle was a gift he received in 2012 from his brothers, but as he is not attached to the car he is willing to sell it to comply with Pope Francis’ wish, that priests should keep a simple life, without material possessions, while pursuing their priestly vocations.

“I have no problem with that,” he said on Tuesday, claiming he’s ridden a burro, a horse, a bicycle and a bus.

Pope Francis, who was installed in March, has said several times he wants a poor Church and a Church that serves the poor. He has already imposed a series of austerity measures, including shunning a luxurious installation proceeding, eliminated the traditional handout of bonuses to workers at Vatican every time there is elected a new pontiff and he also chose to live in a modest house in Vatican instead of the palatial apartments.

“Priests should provide an example of humility,” said Leydi Vega, an accounting assistant. Although “no one is asking them to live in extreme poverty … or to die from hunger,” people who jobs center around such vocations are nonetheless also expected to live simply.