Prindville Electric Hummer was launched in the U.K. image

The Prindville Electric Hummer has been recently launched in the United Kingdom where the model ha a base starting price set at 25,000 GBP.

According to the company, this is actually the first customized electric vehicle in the United Kingdom and the model has been designed for daily city commuter transport, coming with a lightweight chassis. The Prindville Electric Hummer will hit the market at first in a Limited Edition, which will consist of 25 units and this will happen before the production phase, so if you fancy the model, hurry up and buy it because, just as we said above, just 25 units will be available at first.

“In parallel to being one the world’s leading luxury coachbuilders, we are fully aware of our responsibility to offer motorists sustainable choices through the provision of exciting transport solutions in this evolving electric sector. The new model is clearly a step in the right direction and the beginning of an exciting journey which promotes individual styling preferences, fun, and an all-important sustainable lifestyle. This is clear evidence that greener choices do not have to compromise luxury and beautiful design”, said the CEO of Prindville Design, Truska Angel.

The Prindville Electric Hummer Luxury Edition is offered with a white exterior finish, LED headlights and taillights, carbon fiber detailing for the front hood storage compartments, Alcantara sports seats, Pioneer sound system and a choice of either 15- or 18- inch alloy wheels. Prices for the model have been set at 25,000 pounds (40,000 USD).