Production Honda NSX leaked image

A clear image showing a supercar with the Honda badges on its body has recently hit the web and rumors are saying that this might be the production version of the NSX.

With an exterior design looking slightly modified than what the concept had, the Honda NSX is getting closer and closer to its future customers and the image posted above might offer us a first glimpse of what the final production version will probably look like. Then again, just because there are some exterior modifications to its design, doesn’t mean that this is a production version and it might just be an update applied to the concept.

Rumors are saying that the final production version of the Honda / Acura NSX will hit the market sometimes next year, as a 2015 model year, and the model will cost more than 100,000 USD, becoming more expensive than the 2013 Nissan GT-R which is currently available in the United States from 97,920 USD. The Honda / Acura NSX will be produced in Marysville, Ohio and a hybrid powertrain, an all-wheel drive system and a mid-engine layout are expected to be applied onto the model. Additional details on the future NSX are limited for the moment.

Image Source: Forum VW Vortex