Production of the Audi Q3 starts today image

After an investment of €330 million in infrastructure and production facilities Audi started today the production of the new little Suv – the Q3.

According to the automaker a new 30, 000 m2 (322,917 sq. ft.) body shop with 450 robots was just one of the many new facilities built. The Audi Q3 will help SEAT permanently fill the capacity of the Martorell plant. Around 100,000 Audi Q3 units will leave the three-shift assembly line in Martorell every year.

“The decision to produce the Audi Q3 in Spain signals our intention to continue our dynamic course of growth while also pursing a strategy of internationalization,” says Frank Dreves, AUDI AG Board Member for Production.

The start of Q3 production at the Martorell plant is a decisive milestone in the Audi brand’s history of success. As a production site, he added, Martorell has highly motivated employees and delivers top quality. “We are placing our utmost trust in the team building the Q3 here,” continues Dreves.

The Q3 is just under 4.4m long and is 1.6m high. That makes it truly compact. The interiors are not cramped, especially the rear seat.
The car will come with four different engine options, all of which are transversely mounted and boast 2.0 liters, turbocharging, direct injection and stop-start technology.

Power outputs range from 103kW to 155 kW. The entry-level Q3 2.0 TDI will launch after the petrol engines, bringing a front-wheel-drive layout and a six-speed manual transmission and averaging “less than” 5.2 l/100km for fuel consumption.