Project Kahn’s New Project – 2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom image

Being one of the famous tuning companies, Project Kahn never runs behind the tuning projects. It has its own taste and standard which it always tries to show the world.

Recently, Project Kahn has released its Maybach 57 Wedding Commemorative Edition and now this British tuning firm which is headed by Afzal Kahn is gearing up for the other project. The only difference what appears at present is that the tuner this time has not tuned a wedding edition, but has upgraded the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. With lots of aesthetic modifications, this car is set to rule on many in the industry.

No doubt that Phantom was already a striking car which has received even more stunning look such as window surrounds, head light surrounds, rear light surrounds, under floor lighting, and a shadow-line finish to go with clear side lights. Along with this, the British tuner has also fitted some additional features to the Phantom such as bullet resistant glass that will fit into the high-security profile.

What gives this car a more aesthetic look is from a new set of diamond polished 22″ Kahn Silver Mist Rolls Royce wheels. When it comes to interior of the Phantom, the tuner says it can be tailor-made which will completely depend on the tastes and whims of the customers. Well as it’s a matter of luxury cars, customers have to think twice before knocking them out.

By Sunita Mandal