Project Kahn Has Given a New Look to its New Project – The 2011 Audi TR8 image

One more time Project Kahn is waving its success flag by making one more kit for the Audi TT.

Just a glimpse of this car and the Audi lover will get to know that there is something different this time. Well, that difference is the face of an R8 that has swapped from its younger brother – the Audi TT.

This TR8 project will offer a chance to the TT owner to change the look without spending more. This new package starts with a 2.0 FSI Audi TT and then mounted up with a new front grille which is fashioned beautifully by resembling much more like the one fitted on Audi R8. Besides, the package also includes the use of new front and back vented bumpers with mesh inserts.

The most interesting parts in this tuning package are the R8 style side blades that make the cars look quite similar to the R8, confusing others that they have just saw the R8. Apart from these fittings, the car is successfully equipped with a new rear spoiler, sports lowered suspension springs, a stainless steel quad exhaust system, a front lower bumper lip as well as door mirrors in a billet steel finish that could suit the dark gray exterior paint of the car.

In order to maintain the shiny look of the car, a new set of 20″ RSV alloy wheels are added. TR8’s interior can be improvised using a complete bespoke interior design service which is accessible to suit everyone’s tastes. Exterior of TR8 has got a lot of modifications, but the difference comes here with its 200 HP and 207 lb-ft of torque that produces from the 2.0L FSI TT engine, whereas, the Audi R8 produces 430 HP and 317 lb-ft of torque.