Project Kahn modifies Land Rover Discovery 4 image

As of recent news, we have found that Project Kahn is targeting the interior as well as exterior modifications of the vehicle. In efforts of making this vehicle more of an urban animal by providing aesthetic modification package, the British tuner wants to add one more project in its busy schedule, making the vehicle more like a car.

The vehicle has received a bodykit that makes the Discovery 4 to flaunt its mean look by deploying little details. The kit includes a new front grille, a redesigned rear bumper which is available in interesting details, a front bumper with daytime running lights using LED technology, and beefier wheel arches.

All these are the exterior features of the vehicle, whereas, the interior boasts something more impressive. A set of RS rims are also added to the vehicle that use a multi-spoke design and are available in a 22 inch size. The modification work ends with a dark window tint that gives a distinct ‘bad boy’ look to the vehicle.

Besides the exterior job, its interior features complete tailor-made adornments, but everything will be added as per the needs of the customer.




By Sunita Mandal