Project Kahn presents Range Rover Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 image

The British tuner Project Kahn doesn’t have any time to lose and it is shifting between SUVs, small cars and getting back to SUVs. Its recent creation is named the Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 and it is based on the popular Range Rover.

Most people think about the Italian volcano which destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum when hearing the Vesuvius name and the fact is that its orange body parts in contrast with the black paint look like lava going down the mountain.

The Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 has a duo-tone exterior paint job, with metallic black and “Vesuvius” matte orange roof stripe and bonnet stripe, extending to the black rubber sidesteps and the quad exhaust, which is finished in black.

The colors don’t end on its exterior and the leather has the same black/orange shade, found on the seats, steering wheel and door panels.

The Project Kahn Range Rover Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 can be bought at 69.875 British pounds or 115.000 US dollars and according to the tuner, the SUV “erupts with elegance”.