Prospective buyer crashed Lamborghini Gallardo during test drive image

A test drive from a prospective driver who wanted to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo went awfully wrong after he panicked and crashed the supercar with the company’s salesman who was in the passenger seat at that time.

You’ve all probably seen in other news on our site what happens when people who don’t have a clue about driving buy supercars and eventually end up in trees or even the ocean and even if this test drive didn’t go too well for the prospective driver, we hope he learned his lesson and went to a Peugeot dealership after that to spend his money on one of the coolest mom-mobiles ever.

“It appears he panicked – these things happen. It doesn’t matter as long as no one was doing anything stupid or crazy, and no one was injured”, said the Lamborghini Sydney managing director, Andrew Smith, who added that the supercar was insured, according to the

The accident is currently investigated by the police who is also looking into charging the driver. “Cars don’t normally crash into barriers. There are witnesses police are still to speak with and, pending those inquiries, we will determine what action is taken”, said the Rocks LAC duty officer Inspector Mihos.

When asked if the prospective buyer still wants the supercar, the Lamborghini Sydney managing director, Andrew Smith, started laughing and said he didn’t receive any offers yet.