Proton Satria Neo rally car going on sale in Japan image

The Malaysian based car manufacturer Proton has officially announced that the Satria Neo rally car will go on sale in Japan for motorsport use.

After Proton is close to either finding its end or becoming stronger in the industry, online recipe with the Malaysian government selling it not too long ago, help the company is once again in everyone’s center of attention after the automaker has announced that the Satria Neo rally car will officially go on sale in Japan for motorsport use. The Satria Neo is one impressive ride and the S2000 model has actually managed to win the 2011 Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC).

“Besides the collaboration on vehicles, we are also looking to expand our business, not only in Malaysia, but globally in terms of jointly-developing performance parts and accessories together with Carroser”, said the head of Proton Motorsports, Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood.

According to the car manufacturer, the Proton Satria Neo rally cars are sold in Japan by CUSCO to those competing in the Junior Rally Championships locally and in Asia Pacific. The automaker and CArosser have joined forces and made the Group N components for rally use on the Satria Neo and CUSCO is the only independent company in Japan to compete in all categories of the local championships, like track racing, rallying, dirt trials and even gymkhana.