PSA and Bosch Plan to Develop a Hybrid Powertrain System to Reduce Fuel Consumption image

PSA Peugeot Citroen and Bosch announced they are planning to jointly manufacture a hybrid powertrain system, which will offer significant emissions and fuel consumption reduction.

The hydraulic system for passenger cars will use compressed air to store energy, and it comprises two hydraulic units and pressure accumulators. The technology, called ‘Hybrid Air’ will be offered to PSA’s B-segment vehicles beginning with 2016. The system’s hydraulic components are designed to recover and store the energy produced by the internal combustion engine when it brakes and decelerates. The kinetic energy that would be lost as heat when braking is transformed into hydraulic energy and then stored in the pressure accumulator to be used to drive the vehicle.

Peugeot Citroen’s head of research Guillaume Faury said that the ‘Hybrid Air’ will reduce CO2 consumption by 30% and 45% lower fuel consumption. Vehicles which feature the Hybrid Air technology are able to run only on Air power to about 80% of the time in city driving, due to the optimal efficiency recovery during the braking process.

According to Bosch, any vehicle with a conventional engine can benefit from this new technology, but the first cars to use Hybrid Air will be from the compact car segment, followed by other passenger-car segments and even light trucks.