PSA and IBM collaborate to link autos to shops and servicing image

PSA Peugeot Citroen, the second largest European automaker and US technology giant IBM have partnered to connect cars to the Internet of Things, with a scope of extending its reach beyond the traditional mapping and infotainment features.

PSA and IBM have started to work together in the field of connected cars with an interest in delivering to the autos further features and services, including links to shops, service networks and urban transport networks, according to a statement from the companies. The new partnership will span across seven years, but the financial details have been kept under wrap so far. The deal surrounds the research and development of new business opportunities for valued-added services to be bundled with the vehicles and comes after the two have had an initial partnership since 2014. The carmaker and the technology consultant announced through a joint statement they envision new services for drivers and passengers, next to back-end applications that could deal with issues such as initial car maintenance and traffic management details.

The partnership is a signal that both the automakers and the technology giants are inching closer to marrying the sectors as they explore the area beyond today’s driver navigation, roadside assistance and infotainment functions, which were in their days popularized by such companies as Google or Apple or mapping service providers Nokia and TomTom. These are also necessary steps towards the ideal of interlinking one day each vehicle with others and the surroundings, in a bid to reduce both traffic accidents and also curb road congestion.

VIa Reuters