PSA Peugeot Citroen to increase small SUV output in France image

PSA Peugeot-Citroen on Thursday said it plans to increase its 2008 small SUV production in France as the automaker received a higher-than-expected demand for the new vehicle, Automotive News of Europe reports.

The French carmaker has a lot of problems in Europe, mostly because car sales fell to a new minimum this year, said it
plans to increase its production of 2008 small SUV from 5,000 units to 10,000.

“We have 16,000 orders, mostly coming from dealerships where the 2008 wasn’t even presented,” brand head Maxime Picat said about the reaction to the model.

Designed and developed by Peugeot, 2008 is based on the PF1 platform (the same platform used by Citroen C3, C2 and Peugeot 207) and offers a higher driving position than the 208 compact models. It comes with a 3-cylinder 1.2-liter engine that generates 110 horsepower (81 kW) and is made in Wuhan, China, , Porto Real, Brazil and Mulhouse, France.

Peugeot plans to sell 200,000 2008 small SUV vehicles until 2015. 2008 is Peugeot’s first vehicle to be developed engineered simultaneously by employees based in China, Europe and Latina America.