PSA Peugeot Citroen transfers half of Aulnay plant’s workforce to Poissy image

PSA Peugeot Citroen convinced its employees to close the Aulnay plant earlier than scheduled, by moving half of the workforce to the Poissy plant.

The French carmaker’s restructuring measures have divided unions and sparked protests and stoppages at several plants. Peugeot presented plans to begin moving half of Aulnay’s 3,000 workforce to another plant near Paris within days or weeks – more than a year ahead of schedule.

The carmaker previously announced 8,000 job cuts and the planned closure of the Aulnay plant in 2014. Peugeot said the early transfers were requested by several unions following reports of intimidation and violence against workers opposing the CGT union’s call for strike.

“We are ready to carry them out as quickly as possible for everyone’s benefit. Aulnay workers are under a lot of pressure. It’s hard to put up with the kind of threats and assaults they are suffering on a daily basis,” Peugeot spokesman Jean-Baptiste Thomas was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The plans for an early departure of Aulnay workers were backed by the center-left CFTC, CGC and SIA unions at Tuesday’s works council and may be adopted on February 15. That would eliminate one factory shift, as 1,500 workers will begin moving to the Poissy plant west of Paris, which assembles the same Citroen C3 model.