PSA Plans to Open Two DS Stores in Shanghai image

To make for the loss in the European market, PSA plans to open two more DS Stores in Shanghai by the end of 2012.

PSA, which had to deal with a massive loss in Europe and especially in its home country of France, recently announced it plans to lay off 3,000 employees. But Changan PSA Vice President Cai Jianjun said that the falling profits and rising production costs in Europe, won’t affect the company’s developing plans in China.

“On the contrary, [PSA’s] European headquarters will devote more resources to the Chinese market,” Mr. Cai stated.

Mr. Cai made this remarks at the opening of PSA’s first DS Store in Shanghai. He added that the company plans to open two more stores by the end of this year, which will represent an important part of the independent sales network for the Citroën DS products in China.

In describing the manufacturer’s plans for the DS models, Mr. Cai explains, “our first batch of sales will [come from] first-tier cities, and later move on to second-tier cities.”

Changan PA aims at opening 80 DS Stores in 55 cities by the end of 2013, and reach 200 dealerships in 111 cities in the next 3 years.