PSA Workers Protest at Aulnay Plant image

Hundreds of PSA Peugeot Citroen workers gathered at one of company’s French plant scheduled to be sold, protesting against the automaker’s decision.

Last year PSA Peugeot Citroen announced its plans to close the Aulnay plant near Paris, as the company struggles with the European crisis. According to the CGT union, 300 workers stopped production at the plant today, January 16th, and 230 were on strike. Although this number is quite insignificant compared with the 3,000 people employed by the plant, the union said that they were able to ‘paralyze’ the factory as many of the protesters work in production.

Last year PSA announced its plans to close the Aulnay plant and lay off 8,000 employees in France, as the company struggles with big losses in Europe. The automaker reported a 819 million euro loss during the first half of 2012 and in February it will announce the results for the entire year.

“Employees at PSA Aulnay refuse to accept being laid off without anything. The false negotiations begun in November give absolutely nothing at all, the management is refusing to address the demands of the employees,” a statement from the CGT said. “The striking workers demand that management restart the negotiations from the beginning.”

  • Pete Hall

    Yeh go on strike with no pay, to paralyze a company that wants to cut production because it can't sell Its products, That'll teach em,

    couldn't make it a 5 year strike could you?